Top Tanning Mistakes Everyone Makes


The spray tan process is something that requires care and diligence. If you go into spray tanning without thinking and preparing properly, you could end up dealing with various extremely common – and frustrating – pitfalls. You can avoid typical spray tan mistakes by steering clear of these pesky mishaps.

Application of excessive spray tan is one of the most common mistakes people make. If you worry that your tan isn’t rich enough and decide to apply more of it to achieve a darker colour, then you could risk developing that unsightly orange look that’s far from flattering. This occurs because there is a cap on the amount of self tan the skin can take in. You can avoid this tanning mishap easily, however. If you’d like a darker tan, leave your MineTan Foam on for longer than an hour. If you use MineTan’s Gradual Tan products spread throughout three or four days or so, you can attain a lovely bronze tan that’s in no way orange.

Getting manicures immediately after spray tanning is another mistake people frequently make. Although you may be excited to beautify your look even more after tanning, it’s wise to wait a bit. If you get your nails done right after tanning, the nail polish remover could cause conspicuous white spots to appear on the tips of your fingers.

Some people make the unfortunate mistake of confusing their self tan products for moisturising products such as body lotions. If you’re looking to moisturise your legs and accidentally reach for and use a tanning product, you could end up with a splotchy and uneven problem that’s not exactly easy – or quick – to fix. Avoid this nightmare scenario by always looking carefully at your products before applying them on your body, no matter how tired and how late in the day it may be. The last thing you want is to have to walk around with legs that are two shades darker than the rest of your body, after all.

Another extremely common tanning mistake is neglecting to apply product on certain parts of the body. People frequently fail to apply self tan products in back of their ears, above their lips, on the lower portions of their necks, on their armpits and on the edges of their fingers, for example. Although it can be easy to neglect those key spots, it can have unattractive consequences. If the skin directly above your mouth is unusually pale against a bronze face, you won’t look natural at all. The key to self tan application success is diligence and patience. It’s not a race. If you’re careful and detailed with your tanning, you should be able to avoid this mistake.