T.O.T (Tan Over Time)


The warmth of summer is coming to an unfortunate but inevitable end. As the weather settles down for the arrival of Autumn and Winter, you are probably keeping your fingers crossed that your summer time glow doesn’t fade too quickly. Lucky for you (and the rest of us trying not to blend in with the snow) the hassle-free, gradual tan option is one that is available no matter what time of year or where you happen to live. It has all the benefits of a natural looking tan without look of being over bronzed nor the time dedication a traditional tan takes.

Using a self-tanner or daily gradual tanner gives you the benefit of gradually building or maintaining your gorgeous tan without spending hours on the beach or at the salon. These methods will keep you glowing and healthy looking and can be used along side other tanning products to give you the glow you wish you had year long.

But what if I am the type that prefers going to a salon to get that heavenly glow you might ask. Maintaining your tan might be your priority. Fortunately, MineTan has you covered as well with both gradual tans and prep/maintain products that help keep your skin healthy and moisturized to ensure your tan lasts as long as it can. Gradual tans can help build color or keep color as a tan naturally fades and at the same time MineTan’s range of maintain products, such as the new coffee scrub or a gradual tan lotion, help keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and always ready for that next sweet sweet tanning session.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, MineTan’s self tanning products are here to help keep you glowing and confident in your skin no matter the time of year. Check out the various options MineTan has to offer and get that glow you know you love.