Keep Your HandyTan Clean!


Cleaning your HandyTan is just as important as using your spray tan gun to your best ability! Achieving the ultimate spray tan takes more than simply your spraying technique – it’s also vital that your HandyTan and the machine filter is in top, clean, working condition to give you most proficient tanning finish possible.

Cleaning Your HandyTan Filter

The HandyTan filter is located at the base of the unit. Carefully remove the filter cover from the mini turbine to access this filter. Wash this part under cold water, and be sure not to use any cleaning detergents or agents to clean the filter. Leave aside to drip dry completely before reassembling for future use.

Cleaning Your handyTan Spray Tan Gun

After each spray tan session at home, it’s important to clean your HandyTan after each use. This will take a little bit of dedicated time after each spray tan, but will be maintenance worth investing in to ensure your HandyTan is perfectly clean and functioning for each tanning use! When cleaning your machine, refrain from using any alcohol, acetone, petrol or any abrasive cleaning agents – water is the perfect alternative that will do the trick nicely!

Start by removing the spray tan gun from the HandyTan Mini Turbine. Unscrew the cup from the spray gun and empty and unused MineTan tanning solution from this cup. Rinse this cup with warm water until totally clean and then fill the cup about a quarter full of warm water. Insert the cup and screw tightly back into the spray tan gun and reconnect to the mini turbine. Turn on your HandyTan and direct the spray tan gun into the sink or shower, and spray the clean water through until the cup is empty. This will through the needle and out to the spray pattern nozzle (where the tanning solution comes out!).

After this, disconnect the spray tan gun from the mini turbine and unscrew the cup. Wipe all areas dry with a cloth including the cup and HandyTan ready for the next use.


Remember not to submerge the spray tan gun under water. If your HandyTan has excess spray solution, wipe down with cleaning wipes. Alternatively you can use a smooth cloth (be sure to avoid anything abrasive) with a general glass cleaner to maintain the gloss finish. Happy tanning beauties!