How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Tanning Business


If you’ve been frantically Googling “growing my tanning business with Instagram” but can’t find the one hack that will make you an instant Insta-star, that’s because there isn’t one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t click away just yet. While it’s impossible to become a huge Insta-success overnight, there definitely ways to boost the success of your tanning business with Instagram, provided that you’re patient and implement a good strategy that works over time.

If you want to use Instagram to get new customers for your tanning business, add these smart techniques to your Insta-strategy.

Know Your Market

There are two distinctly different types of Instagram marketing strategies. The first strategy is a wide one, where you are trying to appeal to consumers from all over the world. This is the smart strategy for online retailers, since anyone can order your products regardless of location.

However, Instagram for beauty salons and Instagram for mobile spray tanners work a bit differently. For these types of businesses, you want a local approach. Post a mix of tanning related pics and local pics that capture festivals, parties and locations in your area. Remember, viewers from the other side of the world don’t do you any good if you can only physically serve people in your area. Hence, it’s important to target your local market.

Be Unique, But Never Desperate

When you spam your followers with non-stop stock photos provided to you by the companies that manufacture your tanning products, they are quite likely to click that “unfollow” button. What your followers want are unique photos taken by you, not by a stock photographer.

This is why you should try to make the majority of your pics original. While an occasional ad for a product is fine, most of your photos should be of your happy clients, your gorgeous retail space or anything else unique to you. Try to avoid spamming followers or coming off as desperate. The best Instagram accounts are the ones that feel organic and natural, not like long advertising campaigns. Your followers want originality and cool new pics that they couldn’t find
anywhere else.