First-Time MineTanners


Not everyone wants to get tan skin the old-fashioned way. In fact, lying out in the sun for hours on end is the fastest way to permanently damage the skin. MineTan allows you beauties to safely and easily get a healthy glow without spending too much time outdoors under that harsh sun. Anyone can use MineTan, whether you’re no stranger to the faux glow, or even a first-timer! Here’s a tip for first time MineTanners: follow these handy points to help ensure that you get the exact results you want.

Plan Appropriately
Faux tans can take a full day to develop fully, so it is important to schedule your appointment or apply your product a few days before any major events or trips. When in doubt, opt for the lightest application possible. The next day, you can determine whether or not you would like to amplify your color even more. Since it can take first-time tanners a few applications to reach their desired level of colour, we recommend giving yourself three or four applications to build up to your final tan. Try this with our MineTan 1 Hour Express Tans, and check the side instructions before applying.

Exfoliate Thoroughly & Evenly
Tanning solutions have a knack for drawing attention to rough, dry or uneven patches of skin. Guarantee the most even tan possible by exfoliating in the shower before using MineTan. Our MineTan Exfoliating Mitt will do just the trick!

Wear Loose, Dark Clothing
Immediately following your use of MineTan products, make sure to wear clothing that fits loosely and will not permanently stain. Until the product fully has time to set into the skin, there is a risk of colour transfer. Wearing loose clothing prevents large amounts of colour from rubbing off from the skin.

Cleanse Thoroughly
Before you start the faux tanning process, make sure your skin is scrubbed completely clean. Do not use any moisturising washes or lotions, as they will create a barrier between the tanning solution and your skin, preventing the product from absorbing properly.

Wait Before Showering Again
It will be tempting to shower immediately after applying MineTan. Tanners can be tempted want to wash off the excess product to see what their tans really look like! However, it’s crucial to wait at least eight hours before bathing. Otherwise, all of the tanning agents will be washed away before they are able to work. Check the instructions for your tanning solution to know the exact time period you can allow!

Moisturise Regularly
After the MineTan application process is complete, you should moisturise as thoroughly and as often as possible. This will keep the skin supple and maximize the new healthy glow. It also helps the tan fade at a more even rate, making it easier to reapply MineTan later to maintain your colour.

Follow these tips whether you are coming in for a professional application or are using MineTan at home. Proper use is essential to getting optimal results from MineTan, and your tan will not look natural if you attempt to rush through the procedure.

Image via @fitgurl89 & @_maannddaa on Instagram