Colour Base Tans


Mine Tan colour base tans are safe, attractive spray tans that are easy to apply and that mimic the deep, rich, natural skin tones of the peoples who inhabit the most exotic countries of the world. When you apply one of our luxurious Mine spray tans, you’ll enjoy beautiful results — results that deliver the most exotic, dark-skinned looks — without subjecting your skin to countless hours absorbing the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How Do Colour Base Tans Work?

Colour base tans use DHA (dihydroxyacetone), in differing concentrations, to create a natural-looking tan, ranging from sun-kissed skin for those with lighter complexions, to deeper, richer, more island-like skin tones for those with medium or darker skin. Mine offers a formulation that’s just right for every colouring — one that you can truly make your own.

When you use one of Mine’s colour base tans, the shade of your tan will depend not only on the specific formulation you use but also on how long you allow the product to work. Waiting longer will produce a darker, richer tan, within your selected colour range. As you wait, the precisely targeted level of DHA in the product you choose will work, almost magically, in perfect synergy with your skin’s natural components. This process will deliver natural-looking colour as the formula works to create a richer, more dramatic skin tone, taking your own natural colouring to the next, incredibly striking, level.

Violet and Ash Colour Base Tans: Each Has a Character All Its Own

Our Violet-infused line is designed to bring the purity of the Mediterranean native’s olive complexion to your skin, no matter where you happen to live. Mine’s Violet colour base sprays skilfully combine violet and brown bronzers, in just the right proportions for the colour you want, whilst eliminating orange and yellow undertones from the skin and keeping colour development more uniform.

If you happen to prefer a tan that embodies the glories of South America, you’ll find our Dark Ash Base selection will deliver an amazing Brazilian tan that makes you totally forget your physical location. By combining a complementary trio of black, brown and Japanese Charcoal bronzers, Mine’s specialists have created an incredible set of spray tans that are designed to give you the Brazilian look you love whilst totally eliminating streaking.

With Mine colour base tans, you can be sure our bronzers have been blended to just the right proportions in every product and that they will work in perfect harmony with the DHA component, making it easier than ever for you to create the type and level of tan you desire.