8 Things Experts Wish You’d Stop Doing To Your Skin


You want to be the envy of everyone else at the office or on the beach, making heads turn as you walk by with your perfect tan. To be a beautiful bronze, you’ve got to look after your skin. Turn to Minetan for a spray tan that looks natural and won’t cause damage to the canvas that covers your body. Pay attention to 8 things the experts wish you would stop doing to your skin.

Using Harsh Products that Strip Your Skin
Believe it or not, your skin is considered an organ, an organ so large that it covers your entire body. The last thing you want to do is use any beauty product that is harsh to your skin. If you exfoliate or scrub to the extreme, you are baring your skin to the elements and robbing it of its defenses. Masks that peel away the surface of your face are harmful as well. Turn to creams and cleansers that will gently clear out your pores.

Turning to Typical Soap for Your Face
Typical soap can actually steal the oil from your skin or you can end up with the opposite problem as your skin becomes terribly dry. Choose foaming soaps that are specifically designed for your face to protect your skin’s natural balance.

Attacking Your Pimples and Blemishes
It’s a temptation to squeeze and pick away at blemishes on your face, especially when it comes to acne. You need to take a hands-off approach and leave them alone to avoid scarring. Look for products that will treat any problem spots, whether you apply them during the day or wear something that will go to work for you at night while you are sleeping.

Forgetting Sunscreen
Sunscreen is a must, whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Think of it as part of your daily wear. Apply sunscreen before your foundation or choose a foundation that contains sunscreen to ensure you are protected. The UV rays of the sun can cause damage at any time of year, making you old before your time and leaving you open to the risk of skin cancer.

Going Overboard on Processed Sugar
Eat too many foods that are high in sugar and you’ll pay for it on your face. Glycation is a result of consuming sugars, a hardening of proteins in the skin. It can cause reduced production of collagen, making your skin less elastic. You’ll start seeing more wrinkles at a younger age. Watch what you eat.

Choosing Treatments for Your Skin that Aren’t a Match
Look around and you’ll see that there are a long list of skin treatments out there, but they don’t work for everyone. Certain facials, laser treatments, and microdermabrasion treatments could cause more harm than good. Make sure you choose a treatment that will take care of your skin.

Running Your Tongue Over Your Lips When They’re Dry
Lick your lips because they are dry and they’ll only dry out more. Find a lip balm to provide moisture. As an added bonus, choose one with sun protection to avoid burning the delicate skin on your lips.

Getting Overheated When You’re Cold
Whether you turn the heat up to blasting and stand there, basking in the warm flow of air, or pile up a mountain of blankets, getting overheated is bad for your skin. You’ll either dry it out or make yourself itchy. Take a warm bath, dress warm without going overboard, and get comfortable.

Give your skin the attention it deserves and treat it well. Top it off with a Minetan spray tan for the healthy choice in tanning that will make you look beautiful without hurting your skin.