6 Signs a Good Night’s Sleep is in Order


When the body and brain are sleep deprived they can reduce a variety of different symptoms. Interestingly, it can get to a certain point of fatigue where the sleep-deprived individual begins to feel the same effects as alcohol intoxication.

1. Falling Asleep Quickly

Though most are quick to be envious towards people who can fall asleep within a couple of short minutes, being able to fall asleep almost instantly is actually a very common sign of sleep deprivation.

2. Getting Sick Frequently

Lack of sleep compromises the body’s immune system over time which can make it very difficult to fight off illnesses. The longer someone goes without sleep, the more likely they are to get at least mildly sick. This is because cytokines, which are proteins that are designed to fight against inflammation, infection, and allergies, are produced in the body during sleep. Without sleep, there is no way to produce this valuable and precious protein.

3. Breaking Out

The body produces cortisol, the stress hormone, when a person is undergoing lack of sleep. This can irritate pre-existing skin conditions, such as acne on the face or body, psoriasis, eczema, and more.

4. Feeling Emotional

It’s normal to feel overly emotional or especially moody at times. The fluctuation in hormones in the body can create various waves of emotion. However, lack of sleep increases the chance of being moody, irritated, annoyed, and frustrated.

5. Difficulty Remembering

While sleeping, the brain subconsciously processes the events from the day, forms short- and long-term memories, and essentially organises its space. This is so it can get ready for processing new information the next day. Whenever the brain is sleep deprived, it is unable to organise itself. This can cause difficulty recalling previous events, retaining information, and more.

6. Lack Of Coordination

In serious cases, an extremely sleep-deprived person is effected by lack of sleep at the same level as someone would be effected by heavy alcohol consumption and intoxication. Feeling fatigue on such an intense level can throw off coordination and balance making it easier for someone who is sleep-deprived to trip or fall. Being tired can also impair reaction times, hand-eye coordination, and can cause difficulty in concentration.

If someone experiences one or more of these signs, there is a likely chance that they have sleep deprivation. Fortunately, getting a full night’s rest is the only medicine needed for lack of sleep.