5 Steps to Glowing & Radiant Skin


Who doesn’t want the bright, glowing skin that you see in skincare ads and beauty magazines? You might think that look is reserved for professional models, but it’s actually down to following pretty simple steps to help make your skin healthy and looking fresh all year round. Here are some simple things to remember in your quest for radiant skin.

Make Sure You’re Getting Your Vitamins
Many people underestimate that your outer beauty is dependent also on how you treat your body. A proper diet, with a healthy amount of vitamins and nutrients, will go a long way toward giving you clear, shining skin. So, while processed foods may be a quick and simple meal, remember that they could be doing your skin harm. Instead, aim for natural fruits and vegetables, which contain antioxidants and other things that are good for you.

Wear Sunscreen
The thought of sunscreen may conjure up thoughts of the beach or the poolside, but really, it’s important that you keep your skin protected from the sun’s UV rays as often as possible. UV rays can be harmful for your skin, causing it to age quickly and prematurely. Add a thin layer or sunscreen to your morning routine to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Drink Water
It’s easy to take water for granted. But while you may not feel dehydrated, you still may be getting less water daily than you should be. Drinking plenty of water every day has plenty of benefits, including the advantages it has on your skin. Staying properly hydrated clears your skin of toxins, leaving it clearer and less spotty.

You’re probably familiar with exfoliating, but how often do you do it? If you exfoliate once or twice a week, you’re doing your skin a favour by regularly getting rid of the dead skin that’s built up over the previous days. Remember that how often you exfoliate may also depend on the weather outside, so if you’ve been sweating, you may want to get into this practice more often than that. Try exfoliating with MineTan’s Bronze Off Exfoliating Mitt.

Tan & Highlight
Even if you’re practicing good skin hygiene, there are still a few steps you can take to go the extra mile if you want to look your best. Having a healthy tanned look goes a long way. After all, who wants pale skin when there’s a flawless glow waiting for you thanks to MineTan? It’s always helpful to have a few tools in your collection at the ready. For example, custom colour and contouring from MineTan can emphasise the shape of your face, highlighting its features and giving you an attractive shade no matter the skin you’re working with. Choose your colour with MineTan’s 1 Hour Express Tan and contour to perfection with MineTan Perfect Match Bronzers.